XXXPAWN - Getting Nicole Rey Out Of A Pickle (xp15868)

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Here at the XXX Pawn Shop, we have tons desperate chicks coming in trying to sell me crap, just cause they happen to be in a pickle. I am a kind hearted man and that’s why even though they bring me trash I always try to cut them a deal. This way they can at least go back home with the amount money they so desperately need. Since the Items they try to sell me are worth dick, that’s exactly what I give them. This week, this chick came in to sell a set paintball guns a failed paintball business that her boyfriend had. I could give two shits about some paintball guns, what I wanted the moment she walked was crack at that pussy. I told her that I wasn’t gonna give her anymore than two hundred bucks them guns, and I offered her the rest of the money she needed, that pussy. After she complained about having a boyfriend and what not, she accepted my offer. They all do, boyfriend or not. All these chicks care about is the money. I took her to my office where I slammed her pink gash in several different positions, making her climax countless times before busting a giant load all over her fucking face. At the end of the day I gave her my pickle to get her out of the pickle she was in.